Seminole Tribune Publishes Article on Native Rock Celebration

Ted Nelson and Lee Tiger

HOLLYWOOD — Musicians Ted Nelson, of Hollywood Reservation, and Lee Tiger, of the Miccosukee Tribe, are determined to crush the stereotype of Native American music and elevate its presence in the industry.

The two, recently off of a two-show gig at the Seminole Casino Classic in Hollywood, will triple bill July 17 with The Osceola Brothers at the Hard Rock Café in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood.

“We want to have Seminole and Native American bands represented around the nation and the world,” Nelson said. “Music keeps us going as a people.”

Nelson and Tiger hope the Hard Rock show is the beginning of a Native American rock movement that will bring awareness and opportunity to Native American bands.

“We are Native Americans who happen to play rock ‘n’ roll and we are rock ‘n’ rollers who happen to be Native Americans,” Tiger said.

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